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Cool Animations: Forum Rules

Post by GoddessZydona on Sun Jul 10, 2016 10:28 pm

These are the rules of Cool Animations Forums.

1: Respect other users, don't bully them or anything like that.
2: If your're going to suggest something, make sure it's not from GoAnimate. (We are trying to make something original)
3: No off-topic material outside of the Off-Topic forum (not yet released)
4: Put your posts in the right forums. I move them if they are not, but when I have to move your posts too many times, I have to give you a warning.
5: No bumping (which is necromancy on threads, which means you are posting on a thread that is really old or trying to raise it to the top of the list)

So then, have fun!

Rest well, my lovely friends.

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